Awinja holds baby shower for her hen

The baby shower theme was blue and pink

holds baby shower for her hen
Awinja holds baby shower for her hen
Image: Instagram

Kenyan actress Jacky Vike alias Awinja has held a baby shower for her hen Perpetua.

Awinja and her on-screen 'husband' also revealed the gender of their soon to be hatched chicks.

"If it's pink then it is a hen, if it's blue it's a cock."

Morning Kiss host Kamene Goro in a recent interview with Kalondu Musyimi revealed that she would be holding a 1st birthday party for her dog mali.

The motive being she wants her dog to feel special.


"We had guests coming over to see him, I am waiting for him to get to 1 and I will throw a birthday for him. He needs to feel loved and appreciated."

Gloria Kyallo, the youngest sister to Betty Kyallo organized a baby shower ceremony for her pregnant dog.

Gloria shared the video and photos of the ceremony on her social media congratulating her pet.

She captioned the posts;

"The Girl of the hour. Cheers to celebrating each and every blessing.I love this girl so much.She deserves this and more!!. Congratulations to my girl Lulu on having her first litter. Beautiful decor."

From the photos, the setting was undoubtedly an exquisite one, with the theme colours being white and gold.

Gloria also dressed her dog to a pink-color skirt.

The party was also attended by a few invited guests among them, close friends, her long-term boyfriend Ken Warui, and her niece Ivanna.

Gloria added in one of the videos;

"My baby deserves nothing but the best!".

In a recent interview, Gloria revealed that she is a full-time mother to three dog babies.

Gloria said that her dog babies are so dear to her that she always go extra miles as far as their welfare is concerned.

According to the 21 year old, she even hires a nanny for her three dogs Nala, Shaggi and Lulu when she is away on daily errands.

Although Sandra Mbuvi did not hold a baby shower for her dog, she has been pampering her.

The dog's menu is better than that of millions of average Kenyans.