Burna Boy blames Wizkid for 'impotent' tweet

Burna Boy believes Wizkid is the reason why his personal stories are on tabloids

Burna behind stage
Burna boy Burna behind stage
Image: Instagram

Burna Boy through his official Twitter account has stated that all the stories going around about his impotency were doctored by Wizkid.

This transpired after a Twitter user sent the African Giant, screenshots of the conversations that perpetrated he was an impotent man asking him whether it was him.

"Nope, this was all doctored and done by Wizkid delusional Twitter FC," he responded.

The speculations of Burna Boy being impotent started when they broke up with the UK and Jamaican rapper Stefflon Don.

Stefflon Don and Burna boy dated three years ago, the couple was very popular.

When the two split up, there was trouble in paradise for Burna Boy as Stefflon Don started revealing information about Burna Boy.


She posted on her Instagram story about how Burna boy was impotent.

 " so I didn't want to mention this before but I have to say it.... ya'all "African giant" is an impotent man"

Confirming that his impotency is the main reason their relationship had to come to an end.

She added, " I left him because he could not give me a baby."

Taking to his Snapchat (as opposed to Instagram like everyone else does) Burna confirmed that Steff was indeed not lying.

He wrote, " okay yes I am an impotent gorilla but I have money so to hell with it!" Adding laughing emojis to the post a little hurt with his business being made public.

Stefflon did not stop there when she mentioned on her Instagram stories that Burna Boy is not too happy for wizkid.

"I broke up with Burna because he has a fragile ego. He sees his friend Wizkid as a competition. Despite knowing wizkid is bigger than he is."

Recently Offset rapper from the trio group Migos wanted to feature Wizkid in one of his projects but his efforts were as Wizkid is too expensive.

Taking it to his Instagram story, Offset posted how he tried to reach Wizkid's team but it was a failure.

"I and Burna Boy got some fire coming! I reached out to Wizkid's team so that he can jump on my record, but that mf was too expensive. Lol."

He continued and added that, 

 " Had to go for someone lower than him. Thank you so much Burna Boy."

This spiked a lot of conversation online, which led to Burna Boy's response that Wizkid has been fueling all this information.