Kikao: Man dumps gf for her friend after getting good job

Did someone do something and you want to know why they did it?

Oga Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

In the segment Kikao on the morning show, Obinna made a phone call to a listener called Freddy about a girlfriend who had no closure on why they broke up.

When Obinna called Freddy to ask him about what happened between him and the then girlfriend Freddy had a lot to say.

“The girl never appreciated or valued me at the time because I did not have a job and she viewed me as a nobody,” he said.


Freddy went on to tell Obinna, that he got a good job and this changed him drastically.

“When I finally got a good job I moved on with my life but Cynthia kept on insisting we be together after how she treated me,” he lamented.

Freddy continued to say he was supported by Cynthia's friend who understood him despite Cynthia being a nuisance.


“When Cynthia treated me badly on the other hand, her friend was good to me and very supportive during the hard times,” he explained.


Luckily Freddy got a job at a good media house and he was able to lead a better life.

“It hurts her that I am now with the friend who was there for me and this is the reason she is on my case,” he said.

Freddy stated that he no longer wanted anything to do with Cynthia and that she should just move on.

“Cynthia should leave me alone and live her life,” he concluded.

In a previous Kikao segment, a listener asked Obinna to ask his wife Faith why she keeps firing the house helps and things got pretty heated up.

The wife said that the reason she fires them was that the husband keeps giving the house helps lusty looks.

"Manze, that man gives them suggestive looks," she said as one of the reasons.

Faith concluded that she would no longer have young women as house helps, instead she would look for older woman.