Female fan threatens Obinna during Kikao

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Oga Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

In his Kikao segment, Obinna tackled a case of a listener, Umi who wanted Obinna to ask her roommmate Sheila why she doesn't like to take showers.

"Please call my roommate Sheila and ask her mbona hapendi kuoga,” Umi told Obinna

Why is your hygiene wanting? Obinna posed the question to Sheila to which she responded;


Whaat? Maisha ni yangu, mwili ni wangu, mimi sijamkataza asioge. (It is my life, my body, I didn't ask her not to bath)

She added;

"I don't know why my hygiene is an issue to her, its a me issue. Its not her issue. Tell her this is my life."


Asked when she will consider cleaning herself, she said;

"Nitaoga ile siku nitataka Obinna." (I will bath when I want)

So, what about laundry?

"Pia hizo nitafua nikitaka," (That too, I'll clean when I want)

Obinna pleaded with her to atleast take a 'half bath' which is commonly known as 'passport'

"No, it's cold."

Sheila warned Obinna about calling her for such petty issues ever again "Usiwahi nipigia na issue kama hizo mimi aki Obinna" (Never call me about such issues)

After his apology, Obinna laughed it off and wondered how it changed from her roommate to being given a stern warning.

In a past Kikao, Obinna asked listeners to only bring to him serious issues to tackle and not petty issues. This was after a listener asked Obinna to ask a friend why they cooked all the eggs in the house.

“Call Lewis kwa nini alikuja kwangu akapika mayai tano akakula pekee yake in this economy”(Call Lewis and ask him why he ate five eggs at my house alone in this economy)

In his defence, Lewis said he had only eaten three eggs as the other two had broken.

"Amekuambia ati nilipika mayai tano yote? Mimi nilipika mayai tatu, mbili zilianguka zikapasuka. Mimi nilikula mayai tatu, kama anataka nimlipe naezamnunulia hizo mayai mbili because mimi najua nilikula tatu. Wakati nilikua nazitoa nizipike zikapasuka. Mwambie nitamlipa." (Did he tell you I ate all the five eggs? What happened is, I cooked three eggs, two of them broke when I was taking them from the crate. If he wants me to pay, I shall pay even those that I didn't eat)

Did someone do something and you want to know why they did it? WhatsApp us on 0702946100 with the details