Why Obinna's phone has a password

Kamene doesn't hide things from her partner but a single Obinna has a hard to crack password

Kamene and Obinna in studio
kAMENE AND OBINNA Kamene and Obinna in studio

Kamene and Obinna on The Morning Kiss spoke about how people in relationships hide passwords from their partners.

In her opinion, Kamene doesn't hide things from her partner but a single Obinna has a hard-to-crack password.

"What do you have to hide, it's a password," Kamene asked

Obinna explained that it is his phone, hence the need to put his desired password

"You just have no business having the password to my phone,"

Asked whether he'd ask for his partner's password, Obinna said "Because I don't need it."

Obinna went on to say that his Passwords are in sentences with a twist of foreign languages to make it hard for people to guess.

"It is a sentence, it's a french sentence. Pin yako ni siri yako, it's a sentence because words are easily guessed."

He also stated that he puts a password to prevent his phone from dialing people unknowing adding that his phone is also his 'office.'

Kamene revealed that all her passwords are the same because she easily forgets.

The duo agreed that they don't know their email passwords as they keep guessing until they get them right.

Meanwhile, Obinna opened up in a past conversation on The Morning Kiss about how he likes to date mature women compared to girls in their 20s.

" I have said it a million and one time, I feel like young girls are still trying to find themselves. Then if they are there with you, you are going to define their lives which I'm not about that life,"

He went on to emphasize;

" I do not want to define someone's life when they mirror me.... Okay, this is what I mean, most girls how to end up in their 30s is the boyfriends they dated in their 20s.

Whatever he was doing, if he was a drug addict hapo! If he was a drunkard, chain smoker and what have you ni hapo! If he was a religious church person, chances are high that is where she is going to lie." Obinna said animatedly.