President Uhuru: I've never wanted to kill William Ruto

Uhuru Kenyatta and William Rito are both serving their second term

Kamene, Obinna and President Uhuru Kenyatta
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President Uhuru Kenyatta has denied wanting to kill his deputy William RutoUhuru says that is not something that ever crosses his mind.

"As you all know in 1 week we will be voting. Let us maintain peace on and after the election date, hakuna haja ya matusi. Everyone has the right to vote for whatever they want. The decision is by the people."

Uhuru further told off William Ruto for alleging his life was being threatened by the Head of State.


"When I call you out for telling lies, don't go around propagating that I want to kill you. You have called me names for the last 3 years and no one touched you. Did I ever do anything yet I have the power?"


"Why would I do such a thing when I am also not handing in power? Please sell your manifesto, if the people vote for you well and well. If not we will go home together, life must go on."

The President was reacting to a recent outburst by the DP, pleading with the Head of State not to kill kids.

"I had you've started threatening me? As long as you don't kill my children I shall face you but please let's respect each other," Ruto lashed out.

Further adding;

"Be thankful we helped you when you needed us. When you needed somebody to stand by you, we stood by you to the last," said Ruto.

"Raila is the one who fought to destabilize your government, stop attacking me, my friend. You just focus on pushing your candidate Raila. Why are you talking about me? Please stop talking about me, talk about your candidate. if you don't want to support me leave me alone, he added.

The President and his deputy have not been on good terms since therir second term began.

They came into power at the time they were facing charges at ICC.

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