Kamene and Obinna give their crazy experiences on dating apps

The pair opened up about dating apps

in studio today morning
Obinna with Kamene Goro in studio today morning
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Presenter Kamene and Obinna of the morning show spoke about how online dating apps are now the new thing in the relationship scene.

Kamene spoke of how Kenya has a dating app that people are using to get dates and hookups.

"There is a dating app that is being launched in Kenya by Kenyans," she stated.


She went ahead and said that the way people met their spouses had changed, that it's no longer the same as back in the day.

"Nowadays we are meeting online, digitally, you no longer meet up with a shawty and approach her," she continued.

Kamene decided to give her experience on dating through the apps to the audience and how it all started.


"When I came back to Kenya from Tanzania, I don't know what it is about Christmas that you get lonely, I felt extremely lonely," she lamented.

The presenter explained how a friend of hers suggested that she try a dating app to get her busy and no longer feel lonely.

"A couple of my friends told me to join an app, this was like 6 years ago. They asked me to join so I can no longer feel lonely," she said.

Kamene stated that dating online was not her thing and she asked her friends to stop insisting, however, she did it just to try out her luck.

"So I joined the app and I got a couple of matches, and the app suggests people who are within your area and I had three dates I was excited. One called and and said that we should link for a date and I dressed up to go for the date," She said.

Kamene told the story of how the first date went down.

"What you order versus what you get, the first guy was not as tall as he said and his picture on the profile was airbrushed he looked nothing like what he had on the profile," She said.

Kamene explained how she had to finesse the fella because that was not what she expected.

"I had to pretend that I was feeling sick, I went on the second date and still this guy was also not what I expected," she explained.

Obinna her co-host did not agree with Kamene saying that she has high expectations and high standards.

When asked if he has had any experience with dating online, Obinna said that women finesse men through Instagram.

"Women look nothing like the photos on Instagram, the pictures posted are different from how the person looks," he stated.

He continued to say,

"You meet up with someone in town, they are light skin in her photos but their complexion is different," he stressed.