Tanasha gives a little more detail about biological dad

The former model never reveals much about her biological father

The rapper has revealed the identity of her biological dad
Tanasha Donna The rapper has revealed the identity of her biological dad
Image: Instagram

On Tuesday, August 23, Tanasha Donna posted a sweet video of herself conversing with her mother.

Miss Donna claimed to be in Europe, a region she travels to frequently and enjoys visiting with her mother.

Her mother using her as a sounding board was what made the situation so funny.


Tanasha reassured her mother that she was content to let her be at peace.

Her mother demands to know why Tanasha is laughing and can be heard saying "I'm so simple, normally I don't go anywhere and now I'm with you"

Tanasha gives fans a sneak peek of her mother ranting as she assures her "Because it's okay mum talk to me I'm here."


"It's okay mum I'm here to absorb it all"

Tanasha presents footage of the location in later clips without providing any context.

Diamond's baby mommy then discussed her ancestry in another post.

"I never know where to start when people ask where I'm from."

"Born in the UK, grew up in Kenya, then left for Belgium but my biological fathers Italian with some other mixes in there too but grew up with a Belgian stepdad, then moved back to Kenya about 6/7 years ago now but go back and forth Europe /Kenya when I can."

Tanasha admitted a month ago that her adorable baby Naseeb has never met her Kenyan mother.

The singer, who spent a week in Dubai celebrating her birthday, revealed to her followers during a late-night Instagram Live that she had plans to change that.

"I miss my baby so much, you know, when I travel for work, he is at school and he has so much work at school, he loves school," she said.

Adding, "When I'm away from him, it has been five days now, I feel so empty, I feel like something is missing. So I cannot wait to go back to him."

Tanasha continued, "Can you imagine, my mother has never met my son? I don't want to start tearing up on this live right now. But my mother has never met my son. And she is going to meet him for the first time in three weeks and I'm so excited, it is going to be such an emotional moment for me and I cannot wait."

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