Oga Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

On The Morning Kiss, Obinna tackled a case of a lady listener whose boyfriend forgot her birthday.

Shiru wanted the Kiss FM presenter to ask her boyfriend why he forgot such an important day.

"Call my boyfriend and ask him why he forgot my birthday," pleaded Shiru


On being asked, the boyfriend said the reason he forgot was that the economy was bad.

"Shiro mgani huyo? Shiru ni wengi na wengi ni wangu. Story na birhday saa hii ni kubaya, uchumi ni mbaya, kufikiria birthday haiko kwa akili. (Which Shiru, I know many people named Shiru. Right now, the economy is bad. I can't think of birthdays)."

Obinna urged the listener, Shiru to move on with her life and forget about the boyfriend.


"Kwa hiyo relationship uko peke yako. Jipange mamii, alikusahau pia wewe mfanye venye alikufanya, umsahau. (You are alone in that relationship. On your ow. He forgot about you, you also need to forget about him)."

In a past Kikao segment, Obinna tackled a listener who was demanding over 600K.

"Call Hillary and ask him why he hasn't refunded my Kshs 625,000?" said  Cynthia.

Hillary responded;

"That's the total accumulative that I have to pay. I told her that the money will be in the business. I'm really working on that. I'm waiting on some money. It's not some bad money and I had already shared it with her. It will go through."

"If I get the money, I'll just send it to her, I will pay her, I haven't forgotten."

Obinna's Kikao segment aims to give closure to listeners to find out why someone did something to them.

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