Tyler Mbaya melts netizens hearts with his love for Georgina

Tyler in a QnA session on his Instagram said that Georgina gives him wife and best friend vibes terming her as a rare gem

Tyler Mbaya and girlfriend Georgina
Image: Instagram

Content creator and growing actor Tyler Mbaya has wooed the hearts of most netizens following his latest Q&A session on Instagram.

It all transpired when a posed the question, " have you ever cheated on Georgina?" 

Wueh it is the audacity in these streets for me.

Netizens just make me happy with their boldness and entitlement.

Tyler clearly not offended by the question gave one of the cutest, and I mean the cutest answer a boyfriend could.

He wrote, " you can not replace a woman who gives you both wifey and best friend vibes. That is rare."

Excuse me while I go cry, young man is more mature than half the nation.

He also jokingly added the caption, " Black men don't..." in reference to all the memes and tweet jokes about how black men are the most loyal of them all.

Earlier on in the week, he'd wished his baby mama Georgina a happy birthday with a very sweet Instagram post where he promised to always choose her.

Tyler shared a family photo of them with their baby girl and captioned it, "Happiest Twenny First My Babyy😍🎊❣️ We Love you So Much💓 You're an Outstandingly Brilliant Mum🥺 An Incredible Life Partner🥰 It Shall Always Be You💘 #GeeAndTy🖤❤️"

The two content creators welcomed a baby girl named Astra Nyambura three months ago and recently got matching tattoos of their baby's feet and name.

Their tattoos were received with so much criticism forcing Georgina to respond to the hate.

She reminded people that it was her life thus all choices fell on her.

To those who were curious to know what happens if she and Tyler ever split up she said, " "It's not about the two of us, but the love we have for our child.

 Even if we parted ways, Astra remains to be our child. 

If I had tattooed his name that would be something else and vice versa is also true, but it's matching tattoos for someone who is mutual even if we were to part ways Astra will remain to be our child."

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