Vanessa Mdee, Rotimi, BWIRE NDUBI , Bahati, Diana, Matubia and Amber Ray who feature on our weekly segment #TheKissRoundUp
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Yoh! This week on our hot and entertaining segment #TheKissRoundUp we focus the spotlight on top stories making headlines in the Entertainment industry.

So let’s dive straight into it!

Nigerian fraudster Hushpuppi sentenced to 11 years in jail

Nigerian socialite and internet sensation, Hushpuppi has been sentenced to 11 years in jail by the US Central District Court in California over fraud and money laundering.

He will however spend only nine years in prison as he has already spent two years in prison in the US.

Days ago Instagram deactivated the socialite's account with 2M followers.

The Instagram celebrity whose real name is Raymond Igbalodely is known for his flashy lifestyle.

He wears nothing but top-shelf designer clothes. He is the number one client for Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Balenciaga, and Versace among other big brands.

Hushpuppi was always in matching shoes, bags, and clothes beating his counterparts 10 nill.

'I was a mboch in Kayole' Sabina Chege

Former Murang'a Women's Rep Sabina Chege has revealed she used to work as a house help.

This was because at the time her parents did not have the finances to take her to the University of Nairobi where she was to further her education.

Speaking during an interview on Kameme Fm, she said;

"I became a house help after I cleared form 4. I was not happy because despite having performed well I was just at home plucking Tea."


I got married during my first year on campus. The day I was supposed to report is when I delivered. My reporting was delayed by two months.

"I used to go to school with my baby and the nanny, whenever there was a break I would breastfeed her and leave her with the nanny in the hostels."

Having started acting while in High School, Sabina's interest in acting continued

She landed her first acting job while working as a house help in Kayole.
Sabina Chege. She landed her first acting job while working as a house help in Kayole.

"While working in Kayole I saw people acting on Tausi and I became interested.

There was a lady called Rehema who had left the show. They had found someone to replace her but I was invited for a screen test.

On the day of the screen tests, I beat the other lady and got the role. I went and informed my bosses that I would soon be acting on Tausi, they were very shocked."

It is while still at Campus that Sabina landed a job at Kameme FM, a renowned vernacular radio station.

Mzee Abdul lectures his son Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz’s estranged dad Abdul Juma has blasted his son for getting a nose piercing.

Mzee Abdul said that was not a manly thing to do.

Diamond's dad Mzee Abdul said that his son went against what he considered African tradition.

He also condemned the habit of men drawing tattoos on their bodies.

"He did a wrong thing, truth be told because our culture and traditions do not allow men to do such stuff," he stated.

"We tried having drawings on our bodies but right now we are regretting it."

Abdul stated that the piercing was not in line with their cultures and customs.

"Maybe he did that because of his wealth and to please his friends. The likes of Tupac did it but they were from Tanzania and did not subscribe to the culture and tradition of the Mbale and Nyamwezi people. Maybe he (Diamond) tried to do what he pleased, but I was not pleased," he said.

Instead of getting the piercing, Abdul says his son should have bought himself an expensive gift to show his wealth.

"Sikuweka ndio uipende!" Jackie Matubia blasts netizen

Actress/ digital content creator Jackie Matuba is all smiles and love when it comes to her page.

However that doesn't mean that her claws don't come out when she feels aggrieved.

The mom of two has blasted a netizen for criticizing her
Jackie Matubia. The mom of two has blasted a netizen for criticizing her
Image: Instagram

The Instagram user identified as msiburu took to the comment section to share her two cents on Jackie's latest jewel, her tongue piercing.

She wrote, "Kutoboa tu ulimi ndio kitu sijawai penda kwako." (You piercing your tongue is the only thing that I have never liked about you)

The mother of two was however not having it with the netizen.

Responding to the comment, Jackie came to set the record straight that she does not do anything for human validation.

"Na sikuweka ndio uipende!" ( And I did not get the piercing so that you can love it!) The first part of Jackie's comeback read.

Range Rover-owning Kenyan nurse mourns about being single

It seems that being a strong, capable, independent woman hasn't been going quite the way a certain Kenyan woman called Catherine Kinyua living in Seattle, Washington expected.

The lady who goes by the names of Cate Mimmor on her Instagram handle has complained that she is tired of being alone.

Cate who appears to have it all together posted a cute photo of herself posing on what appears to be her Range Rover Velar.

Her in-photo caption spelt out her plight with the practising nurse sharing her deepest thoughts concerning the state of her life as a single woman.

"Doing things by myself, making decisions by myself, projects is all on me, lol im tired. My better half where are now?" she mourned.

Rapudo gifts Amber Ray Sh 220k gift on her birthday

Entrepreneur Kennedy Rapudo had a ton of romantic plans to ring in his bae Amber Ray getting a year older.

Kennedy went all out to display his love for Amber while making it plain that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her by posting a video of the adorable birthday setup that he had put together for her.

"Happy birthday to my soul mate, my partner in crime, and my best friend. May we always see the sunrise and sunset together! Happy birthday Her grace. I love you," penned the father of two.

The entrepreneur went all out celebrating his bae
Amber Ray with Kennedy Rapudo. The entrepreneur went all out celebrating his bae
Image: Instagram

Amber re-posted the tender message to show her hubby how much she also cared. "Thank you, my life's grace. Love to you," Amber penned the letter and added several love emojis to it.

Kennedy also took the time to tiPhone 14 pro maxell Amber how amazing she was in her response to her post.

"Happy birthday to you! Keep on shining like the STAR you are and never let anyone dim the light of your eyes," wrote Kennedy as he accompanied the message with a love heart emoji.

Khaligraph's brother Lamaz warns Eric Omondi

Rapper Lamaz Span, Khaligraphs brother, is not happy with Eric Omondis's attempt to try to remain relevant, by dragging his family's name into his business.

Apart from comedy, Eric has managed to remain relevant on social media platforms by performing crazy theatrics such as cross-dressing, insulting socialites, and making the music industry his business.

He has sparked friction among influencers and musicians for not being able to mind his business but instead following up on their lives, for no reason whatsoever.

Famous comedian Eric Omondi recently said in an interview that he is capable of feeding Khaligraph Jones, his family, and his extended family for five years even without having to go to work for a day.

Those remarks did not resonate well with Khaligraphs brother, musician Lamaz Span.

He felt that Eric had crossed his boundaries.

Vanessa Mdee pregnant with Rotimi's 2nd baby

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee, who resides in Atlanta, and her fiance Rotimi are expecting their second child.

The happy news was shared on social media by the famous couple in a lovely video.

The two revealed that they would soon be bringing a bouncing baby girl into their home.

“Baby No. 2 🙏🏽🎊✨GLORY TO GOD … it’s a girl 💕,” Vanessa Mdee captioned the pregnancy announcement video. 

Rotimi also put up the video with a caption that says; “Baby #2!!! It’s a girl! 💖🤍💖”.

Andrew Kibe comes to Riggy G imitators aid

Kenyans are pitching in to help Riggy G imitator KK Mwenyewe who has appealed for help to offset a sh10,000 school fee bill.

KK who is a popular TikToker and opened up about owing money, pleading for any assistance he could get from anyone.

Kenyans of goodwill have also come forward to send Mpesa after social commentator Andrew Kibe initiated it.

Kibe said of the initiative;

"We do another ‘blessing’ round tonight then hand over kibunda mzuri. So far we are above 1,000$ and still climbing. Every cent we collect @austintexanone will match. Our Riggy G will have his cash tonight atese mbaya!"

Money is being collected to cater to other needs he may have. 

Utarogwa- Mbosso warned

WCB singer Mbosso has been warned by a Tanzanian content creator that he was going to be bewitched if he wasn't careful.

Aristote said this following Mbosso's successful album, dubbed 'Khan.'

"Kwanza mbosso aangalie vizuri, atarogwa. Kwa sababu vitu anavyovifanya vinakua vimezidi kiwango, (Mbosso should be careful, otherwise, he'll get bewitched. The things he's doing are beyond the standard expected of him. " he told Dizzim Online


While at the launch of his Mbosso's EP, Diamond said they had a heated argument before its release.

Diana & Bahati welcome baby number 3, reveals her name

Musician Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have welcomed a bouncing baby girl into their family.

The couple welcomed their bundle of joy on November 1st at exactly 10:52am, weighing 3.5 Kgs.

The lover birds have named their daughter Malaika Bahati. They have already opened for her an Instagram page just like her two siblings Heaven and Majesty Bahati. 


An thankful Bahati also put up a post, informing his fans and followers that his family has a new addition. 


Following the announcement, celebrities' and fans joined the conversation, congratulating the couple.

Popular Sultana actress is battling cancer

enyan actress Winnie Bwire has revealed that she is battling cancer.

Dida, who stars in the popular Telenovela Sultana on Citizen TV, revealed in an update that she has been battling breast cancer for some time.

The actress and Dan Sonko, another actor, are engaged.

"As we mark the end of the breast cancer awareness month, I'd love to appreciate your love and support through my journey.

Those in the know walked with me from the very beginning. We’re almost at the end of the lap, and I count myself blessed to have people like you in my life. A big thank you to God- heh, he is the star of my show. Ukweli usemwe."

She went on to thank her family for standing by her at her lowest moments in life.

"A big thank you to my parents, my in-laws, my cousins, my co-workers, my bosses, my Doctor and nurses, my children, and last but definitely not least, my best friend, my love and caregiver Dan Sonko," she said.

The cancer warrior shared photos of her clean shaved head, wearing a white dress accompanied by cancer awareness hashtags.

"Without y'all, this journey wouldn’t be as smooth. I am here today because of the love, support, and shield you've surrounded me with from the very start," she continued.

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