Elsa Majimbo recounts flashy reason that landed her in trouble in the US

Elsa is an Award-winning comedian

Elsa Majimbo
Image: Instagram

US-based Kenyan model, and internet sensation Elsa Majimbo has left netizens super envious as she narrated an incident that saw her bank credit cards getting frozen.

I know you're probably wondering, 'Why would anyone be jealous of that?' Well, dear readers, Elsa's cards were not deactivated due to lack of funds but actually for overindulging.

The 22-year-old is apparently so wealthy she went on an insane retail therapy spree that had her banks a little worried. 

"So a lot of people are being intrigued by how my bank accounts were frozen and how I was being investigated for fraud. Two weeks ago, I woke up in the morning and did my regular routine and as I was sitting around, I was like today I am going to shop. I am going to shop until I drop," the digital content creator narrated in a TikTok video.

She went on to add she got the idea from friend who recently went on a shopping spree in Milan after going through a rough time and it soaked all her pain away.

Elsa Majimbo

Armed with her loaded credit cards, Elsa took on the world and she indulged in a bid to forget every single bad that that has ever happened to her.

"I went anywhere you can think about, I went to Versace, I went to Zara, I went to Victoria's Secret, you name it, I was there.

When I tell you, I was not joking, I was not joking. I got the first alert from my bank asking if this was me, and you know if I am spending thousands of dollars at a time, I expect you to ask me. So I was like, oohh this random check, okay," said the 22-year-old. She cleared this with her bank and was not even the least bothered. 

Elsa, like the rich girl that she is continued shopping even though she got 2 more alerts after the first one. 

However, soon her transactions stopped going through. She tried a different card and got the same results, all her card shad been frozen.

 "They were like the activity on your card will need some document to verify it's you. And I was like, what do you mean, and she was like, we will need to send you a secure link, we need to make sure you are not participating in fraudulent activity.

I'm like what fraudulent activity? Excuse me, are you joking? I'm just rich! I'm so rich that people can not believe it and need to confirm if it is real,"  Elsa dramatically said. 

Commenting on the post netizens were left wondering which angles Elsa faces while praying as they begged "her God" to locate them as well.

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