Tanasha reveals how a guy she was into recently played her

Tanasha Donna narrated how the guy had been hitting on her and had lied to her that he was single

The rapper has revealed she got finessed by a man she was talking to
Tanasha Donna The rapper has revealed she got finessed by a man she was talking to
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Kenyan musician Tanasha Donna just revealed that she recently got played by a guy she was vibing with.

Although they were still on the talking stage the single mother of one thought they were hitting things off smoothly.

Tanasha started by narrating how she thought the guy liked her as well but turns out the feelings might have been mutual as she wasn't the only girl the said guy had eyes for.


" I honestly thought he liked me too,"  the rapper said as she chuckled.


She went on to add, "He asked me if I'm currently in a relationship and I said no I wasn't and I asked him if he's in a relationship and he said no he was single and I was like okay cool." 

Tanasha went on to narrate how they met for a second date, had food and a good time and she actually thought it went on pretty well. 


Adding that while she was traveling to Frankfurt for her scheduled show the guy was super supportive and from his vibe, she thought he is an actual gentleman.


She recalled how she'd even bragged to her friends about the said man.

" Then I had to go for my show in Germany and he even hit me up and he was like good luck with your show and he was super duper cute and I was like damn this guy is a real gentleman and I was even telling my friends he is too good to be true,"  The mother of one said in between smothered giggles.

She then went on to narrate how she found out through social media that the guy was actually taking her for a joy ride as he was not single as he had earlier claimed to be.

" So yesterday I go on Twitter and this guy is trending and I'm like why is this guy trending and I go on Twitter and there are photos and videos of this guy with some pretty girl. She is a known model and they were holding hands and everything looking all cute and I was like damn this guy just a few days ago told me he is single.

And for me I was like why do guys lie? Why do guys lie so much?" Tanasha said clearly still upset over the encounter.

She finished off by saying she was slightly hurt because just a few days ago the same guy was holding her hand.

" Good news I found out now, can you imagine if we continued vibing and I came to find out later, this guy would have played me? Thank you, God." Tanasha said as he laughed nervously.

She finished off by saying that she was conflicted on whether to confront the guy or just ghost him as he had tried messaging her still.

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