Ella Mai still has Jaquees blocked 5 years after 'Trip' beef

The two fell off after Jaquees remixed Ella's hit song Trip and started performing it almost everywhere

American artists Ella Mai and Jaquees in the past
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It seems time doesn't really heal all wounds, or just not enough time has passed that seems to be the case with American artists Ella Mai and Jaquees.

5 years ago, Jaquees dropped his remix to Ella Mai’s globally celebrated hit song“Trip,” and he took the song and ran with it. He was performing it everywhere, it got to a point that people weren't even sure if the song was Ella's or his.

This caused her management to send him a cease and desist back in 2018 over the song and it was pulled off from SoundCloud and YouTube.

And that is not all, apparently, Ella angered by the disrespect (as she had asked him severally to stop performing her song before the cease and desist) blocked him across all socials.

"I'd be so embarrassed if someone brought me on stage and the only thing I could sing was someone else songs because nobody knew my actual music. 

Poor thing," Ella tweeted when Jaquees performed her song at London's O2 Arena.

Half a decade later Jaquees maintains she she still has him blocked across all social media platforms.

Speaking during an interview with The Baller Alert Show, the 29-year-old singer went on to reveal that the first time him and Ella Mai actually talked was this year in February at the Roc Nation Brunch.

“That’s the first time she said hey to me in, like, years. … I’m still blocked on Instagram and Twitter,” he said on The Baller Alert Show.

Jacquees admitted there are no hard feelings toward Mustard or Ella Mai, whom he considered to still be a friend, despite the misunderstanding between them.

 "We still friends. I ain't gonna say 'was' because I'm a real n***a. That's still my dog," Jaquees said.

Discussing the matter in a 2018 appearance on The Breakfast Club, he went on to explain that the director, who shot the visuals for the "Trip" remix, posted the video on his YouTube, leading 10 Summers to believe there was an attempt to "monetize off the record."

Hopefully, with a little more time perhaps, the two will go back to seeing eye to eye.

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