Boutross Munene: I can't date any of my fans

If you are wondering where the cutting point starts off, it is above 30-years of age.

Boutross Munene
Kenyan singer and shrap artist Boutross Munene
Image: Instagram

Fast rising Kenyan singer and shrap artist Boutross Munene has highlighted his type in women, giving a clear picture of what he is attracted to as well as his boundaries when it comes to interacting with fans.

"Yeah girls love me and I love them to! I'd like to think of myself as a lover boy. Ata siwapendi sana, I love them more than love itself," the fast rising artist candidly said. 


And in as soon as he had raised some people's hopes and spirits Boutross went on to crash them in the same breath.


The 'Miss Behaviour' hitmaker went on to reveal that he would never get entangled with any of his fans. Adding that he actually prefers his women older than him.

If you are wondering where the cutting point starts off, it is above 30-years of age. 


"I cannot date any of my fans, at all! I just can't," Boutross matter-of-factly stated.


He went on to expound on why he has set such a rule for himself as well as detail his preference when it comes to women he is romantically attracted/linked to. 

Boutross emphasized going out for sherehe does not automatically translate to a fling or anything happening between him and girls, he just loves a good time.

"Talking and having fun like that does not mean anything. My boundaries are strict and I don't cross or ignore them for anything.

My boundaries are there so not everyone gets to share a bed with me. We can go out, party, get turnt up but that is all," the 'Angela' hitmaker said.

He went on to describe his ideal type of a lady stating; 

"I'd never date my fans, it is not my M.O and I have a type, I like them older, maybe 35,36,37, hao unajua wamemature....

I like people who I can have a conversation with, at least a conversation that can make sense, you can have a conversation with them and their reasoning.... remember that number girls," the artist said in between smiles. 

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