Diana Marua drops another bombshell from her past dating life

Diana's dating escapades before Bahati never fail to amaze and stun netizens

Digital content creator Diana Marua
Image: courtesy

Digital content creator and budding musician turned TV show host Diana Marua never fails to amaze with her stories from her past.

In a recent episode of 'Mr. Right,' the mother of 4 opened up on a peculiar agreement she and one of her ex-boyfriends had where the guy allowed her to have a sponsor as long as the money she received benefited both of them.

While live on air, Diana recounted how her sponsor whom she noted resided over seas used to call her over Skype and they would bond for minutes on end even when her boyfriend was in the house.

"I had this boyfriend... na Baha asiskie hii story," started off the YouTuber even though ironically she was live on air.

Narrating her interesting relationship the aspiring musician went on to state;

"So I had this man mwenye alikuwa majuu na he used to hit on me and would send me money, like a lot of money. I used to tell my boyfriend ni xxx alinitumia so yeye acheze chini. And my boyfriend was like 'ni sawa wacha tulipe rent,'

Like this guy would skype me na tuko hapo kwa nyumba, tunaonge na yeye (the boyfriend) ako hapo kando yeye ajipe shughli," Diana candidly said much to her co-host Dr. Ofweneke's surprise.

Diana went on to add, "hizi vitu huhappen (these things are predominant)" as she sought backing from the audience to confirm that she wasn't mad tripping.

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