List: Things you can't board a plane with

There are items you cannot totally travel with and you'll be required to leave them without a refund

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So you're traveling first off a big year for you! 

I know you probably have a million and one plan on the destination.

However, as much as you want to pack everything, there are a couple of things you really cannot travel with no matter what.

To top it all some things might sound so minor that you probably did not know about them unless you are a seasoned traveler.

Below is a list: 

1) Any liquid, aerosol spray, or gel other than formula milk, breast milk, or well generally infants food that is in a container larger than 100 ml or 100 g and which cannot fit in a 1 liter sealed clear plastic bag. 

So if you wanna bring your specific hair shampoo or designer perfume keep the measurements in mind.

Also, note that you can only carry one 1 liter sealed clear plastic bag so all your containers under 100 ml/100 g must be able to fit in that 1-liter bag.

2) Any sharp objects such as knives or knife-like substances (whether or not made of metal), including leather working knives. As well as sporting goods, kitchen utensils, and well any other sharp-edged/ pointed objects that are capable of causing injury to another person. 

3) Blunt objects that are capable of being used to bludgeon or threaten to bludgeon a person.

Such objects include baseball, softball, and cricket bats, hockey and lacrosse sticks, golf clubs as well as billiard, pool, or snooker cues.

4) Inorganic powder and granular material

Well here is the thing 350 ml of powder or granular material like foot powder or baby powder as well as cooking powder, bath salt, sea salt, and sand fall in the no-no category.

5) Household flammable goods Aerosol containers such as spray paints or fireworks, crackers, petrol, and toy caps are not permitted even in small amounts.

6) Firearm Guns, toy guns, firearm parts, pellet guns, catapults, pepper sprays, and arrows as well as slingshots are a big no! Only air marshals and undercover police are allowed to have firearms on a plane.

Adhere to these rules because if you're found with non-permitted items high chances are you'll have to give them up without the option of a refund.

Although some airports do offer a service that lets passengers mail the item to their homes/ offices, you might strike luck with that.

However, also keep in mind that some items are not allowed in carry-on bags but can be packed in checked baggage. Read also:

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