How 15-year-old girl Kiambu girl killed her siblings

The girl's confession has shocked many Kenyans online

Fresh details have emerged on the shocking incident where a form one Kiambu student allegedly murdered her three siblings and a cousin in the past year.

In a confession by the minor at Kikuyu Police station, the suspect confessed to detectives how she murdered her kin aged 15 months, five years and seven years between February and July 2021.

She also confessed to have murdered her cousin who was 20 months old, at Gathiga village, Kabete Sub County, by drowning him in a well in their compound sometimes last month.


She told police that she went to visit her grandmother at Gathiga in Kabete sub-county during the school mid-term holidays on August 4, 2022.

While there, her cousin aged one year, eight months disappeared mysteriously while under her care within the compound of her grandmother on August 16.

The mother of the deceased boy was in her shop which is just at the gate of the compound when she noticed that she could not see her son.


She then asked the accused person about the whereabouts of her son and she denied seeing the boy.

Locals say they searched for him within and outside the compound but they could not find him.

His father was informed of the matter and when he arrived home, they decided to open the water well.

Upon checking inside, they found the body of the boy and removed it.

The accused girl went back to her parent's home in Waithaka on August 18 before being escorted to school the following day.

According to her confession report, while in school on August 20, 2022 at night, she borrowed a phone from one of the teachers and called her parents.

She informed them that she was the one who was responsible for the murders.

Subsequently, her parents went to the school the following day and she confessed to having murdered the boy identified as Martin Kiogora in front of teachers by drowning him in water well.

The teachers advised the parents to go home with her.

While still at the school with her parents, and in the presence of the teachers she confessed to having killed all her other three siblings.

She is the firstborn in a family of four.

The girl’s devastated father walked to Kikuyu police station on Saturday and filed a report against the 15-year-old girl whom he accused of killing his three children.

The juvenile admitted to having committed the murders, before Kikuyu sub-county children’s officer.

She was expected to appear in court as police sought more time to investigate the incidents.

Kiambu police boss Perminus Kioi said experts are handling the case.

He said the girl will be subjected to various tests before she takes the plea.

She told police on July 14, 2021, she murdered her brother Liam Gichuhi aged one year, and three months by suffocating him with a pillow placed over his face for about three to four minutes until she confirmed that he was not breathing and she then covered him with a blanket.

She added on August 7, 2021 while at their home in Gikambura, she murdered her sister namely Valeria Muthoni aged five years by strangling her with a pillow placed on her face and later confirmed that her heart was not beating by feeling the pulse rate at the wrist.

According to her on September 25, 2021, while still at their home in Gikambura, she murdered her sister Rachael Wanjiru aged seven and half months by strangling her on the neck using her hands for about 10 minutes and drowning her in a basin containing some water in the bathroom before pouring hot water on her face.

The parents of the girl told police that their children died under mysterious circumstances which made them believe that the cause of their deaths might be natural.

However, they said they died while under the care and presence of their elder sister now the suspect.

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