Kamene Goro
Kiss fm presenter Kamene Goro
Image: Capital news

Kamene Goro, the Kiss Fm morning breakfast show host, over the weekend had traveled to severinsafaricamp in Tsavo west with her Boo thang.

She took it on her social media page to document the experience.

On a post, she shared a short clip of the mysterious man rubbing her back with his feet, as they lay down, where she captioned can you imagine’ as she shook her head.


Kamene proceeded to engage her fans in a QnA (question and answer), session, where she asked people to ask her anything.

Without dilly-dallying, her fans and followers didn’t slack to ask her about her love life.

The relationship is working out so well I am more than happy about it.” Kamene replied.


Of course, there had to be some business-oriented peeps, but really veering off the road.

They wrote:

“Please don’t sue me I have created your YouTube channel, confirm that in your inbox please.”

The not-so-pleased Kamene responded;

“This is so wrong! Aky people you really let me down so much, I work so hard to get ahead and then you just come and jump on my work…. Surely.”“I am so tired of impersonators. You guys don’t know how much it takes, alafu you just want to claim it??!!,” she expressed.

Nevertheless, she ended it on a high as she boasted about her God giving the ‘Brag about God’vibe song by Ntaate;

AKY MUNGU NI MKUBWA (God is so big)! I wish you knew. God has been so faithfulto me, never did I pray to him and He failed me. It may seem otherwise but all I am is a product of God and His Grace,” babe Kamene wrote

Never ever doubt what God can do for you. You see those dreams, God will make them come true, ask me, I know. Mungu, thank you so much. Na bado! For the grace of God is sufficient for me,” she added.

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