5 things to keep in mind before saying I love you

Sometimes people confuse infatuation with love because of excitement or loneliness

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Often are times when people confuse infatuation with love leading to a whole lot of disappointment, teary cheeks and anger.

Below is a guideline to help keep you on your toes, filter your feelings and be able to truly confirm for yourself if you truly love someone before saying the big three words to them. 

1) How much do they open up during conversations?


Sure, there are guys out there who more than adore talking about themselves, but a guy who refuses to talk about his life or his feelings reveals something he's compelled to hide  be in a secret wife and family, or more likely, a shy personality or his own dose of trust issues. 

2) How does he conduct himself online?

Is his online persona in line with his offline persona? Is he more outgoing online than offline? Does he do things just to fit in? What does he tweet about?


How well does this person keep in touch?

If you're dating exclusively, do you feel he maintains adequate contact with you?

Does he respond to texts in a timely fashion? Does he tell you his plans? These are just but a few questions that you need to have in mind before opening your heart out. 


3) Do you  know this person's relationship track record?

What kind of women does he typically date? Why and how did his last relationship end? Does he refer to his ex as a psycho?

I know we are told not to dwell into peoples past but some details really need to be known. You have to know if he has fully healed/ grown from his last.

This way you can know if he is ready for the future.


4) How did you meet the person?

At a crazy night out in a foreign country? In the library? Through a friend? How you meet a person sometimes does play a role in the relationship.

If you met through shared interests the better and then you will be knowing this person isn't judging you.

Plus you also have sources to back their character or anything else.


5) Has this person been open with you in their expectations for the relationship? 

Keep in mind that untrustworthy partners don't always have the intention to toy with your heart.

Oftentimes, they just don't know what they want. Either way, don't let yourself be strung along while they try to make up their minds.

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. While there are general guidelines for trustworthiness, every relationship is different, and it really boils down to what you have trouble trusting in and what you don't.

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