Kenyans react positively to Eric Omondi's Ruto skit

Eric Omondi new video skit amazes Kenyans

Kenyan entertainer Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Eric Omondi has trended over a skit he did on the elected President William Ruto at the KICC.

The president of Comedy acted as the president-elect William Ruto who was trying to swear himself in as the president of Kenya.

He had fellow actors with him who played his associates; He then stood up to request if he could take the bible and act as if he was been sworn in.


This skit was comical to Kenyans, who asked Eric Omondi to keep doing such skits as that's what they find funny.

This comes soon after Eric's divisive recent cross-dressing content while advertising for brands.

Kenyans were not too happy with how Eric Omondi cross-dresses saying that he lacked content and that he should stop doing it as he is losing his relevance.


The latest video skit has given Omondi hope as Kenyans were happy with the skit while others were not too happy about it.

Below are some of the comments that Kenyans had for the skit;

_Yuri_: This is the Eric Omondi we want to see

Sir Gerald: Now this is the Erick Omondi I know yule mwingine ni Eunice

  Yvonne Nyamato: My ribs the full clip please

Robbie: Rodger do you copy? Operation "East October''..... Please send back up!! Suspect on site.... Not armed but comically dangerous, can easily evade arrest... Over and out!

Bullet Flux:  amenifanya nikasmile

James Kilonz: Don't take it personal. See the comedy side of it. I hope we will enjoy the freedom of expression under whichever presidency checks in, we need the fun moments in the midst of our tough hustle..

Lord Mawe: Thought he was no longer funny he is making a comeback

faith kariuki: Now this is the Erick we know and love. Izo zingine aache

Chapish0: Eric making jokes of people tormented by ghosts 

Ischemia: You must be so miserable!