'Move on!' Amber Ray tells of her exes

Amber Ray asked her exe's to focus on the good times they had and stop being petty as things were over

Amber Ray with her new boyfriend Kennedy
Image: Instagram

Social media influencer Amber Ray during an interview with Divalicious ( Eric Omondi's alter ego) asked her exes to count their losses, simmer, cool down and move on noting that the attacks on her were beyond petty seeing as there's plenty of fish in the sea. 

During the interview, Divalicious was curious to know why Amber was different in this new relationship with entrepreneur Kevin Radupo noting, " you've never been humble, obedient, what is the other one from the Bible.... submissive... you know. " 

" I'm always that!" Amber said cutting the extra host shortly. She went on to throw some cool shade adding, " that's why you see even the other ones still crying, going crazy. I'm a typical woman, forget social media and being beautiful and all, I'm a feminine gentlewoman." 


Divalicious being extra as she added fire to the fuel saying, " so these men who are mourning on social media are crying because they know what they lost and what they're missing they feel pain huh?"

 To which Amber agreed to say, " it's true na si kiburi ukweli ni ukweli,"

Okay, way to go with the inflated ego.

While winding up with the interview the curvaceous socialite/ entrepreneur told Divalicious " I have a few words for my exes, please please my exes...guys we had a good time together. Guys let it be just that move one!" 

The 30-year-old went on to add, "let's drop the hate, wacha mauchungu, and everything ... you can never destroy me with what you think that you have on me.


So let us just love and focus on what we had and everything nice, you know the beautiful memories."

Divalicious clearly in the moment gassed Amber up adding, " move on! That is what she means!" While snapping her fingers.

" Yes! Thank you, life moves " Amber said acknowledging the support.

Divalicious went on to add that she agreed with Amber that exes should learn to count their losses when a relationship comes to an end and move on. 

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