Details of Director Trevor's lucrative deal to Stivo Simple Boy

Video director and editor Trevor has offered to help rapper Stivo Simple Boy.

Stivo Simple Boy and Director Trevor

Video director and editor Trevor has offered to help rapper Stivo Simple Boy.

This is after Stevo took to his Instagram page to reveal that intense stress is what led to him losing consciousness and fainting while live on air for 10 over 10 hosted by Azeezah. 

His post left netizens super concerned as Stivo's woes have been one too many over the past couple of years.

Reacting to the news of the 'Freshi Barida' crooner suffering, Director Trevor penned an open letter highlighting areas he feels are contributing to Stevo's problems as well as offering him a mouth-watering solution.

"Despite garnering widespread acclaim for his music, Stevo Simple Boy has faced ongoing challenges in sustaining himself financially within the music industry. 

Recognizing the need for alternative avenues, I see it as a strategic decision for him to explore content creation as a means to generate income and connect with his audience in new and innovative ways," wrote the photographer on his Instagram stories.

Stevo Simple Boy
Image: Instagram

Expounding on what he meant, Trevor used Diana Marua aka Diana B as an example of the direction Simple boy should be taking.

"However, it should be noted that this does not mean that Stevo Simple boy is to fully quit music. He will continue to release music on the side as he continuous with his content creation just like Diana Bahati," advised the brand influencer. 

Finishing up, he announced should the 'Mihadarati' crooner be willing to pick up his offer and words of advice he would be down to fully support him and on top of it all be his digital content creation manager. 

"I am willing to support him fully and take the initiative to manage his content creation career.

Stevo Simple Boy will begin by explaining what transpired yesterday and the events that followed the incident in length on his YouTube platform. That will mark the beginning of this new content creation journey and I am willing to be there to see him through success," the last of Trevor's post read. 

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