3 reasons men don't open up to fellow men

Men are considered to be less emotional, but the truth is, they wish they could find someone to share with

men holding hands
Men men holding hands
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There are a couple of misconceptions that surround men as emotional beings.

Of the two genders, women are perceived to express their emotions more.

We live in a 'man-up' society that is deeply drilled from childhood. 


It is safe to say that the tide is slowly shifting as more platforms are being put in place to just reassure men that 'it's okay.'

Why do men find it hard to open up to other men you ask? Three reasons embroidered.

'Mambo ndio mengi, masaa ni machache'


This past weekend a fitness enthusiast revealed that he couldn't lay bear what he was going through with his friends because they would easily brush it off with

"Acha ujinga, twende tukacheze FIFA (stop the nonsense and lets go and play FIFA"

From the sound of it, he needed a shoulder to lean on but couldn't bring himself to, because of the preconceived notion. 

Finding other alternatives, led him to fall in the hands of an accommodative 'emotional being' and one thing led to another.

men holding hands
Men men holding hands
Image: photos for class

It is also perceived as 'Umama'

I have a friend who can't bring himself to hug another gent because it is outspokenly disgusting

"Aje sasa? (how now)" he will always interrogate.

 You can only imagine approaching this kind of mindset with the 'my girl did or did not' kind of story.

You will regret the day you learned how to speak or thought opening up was an option you would explore. 

It will be a laughing stance

A prominent man in the country was addressing a group of people and he was sharing how he once had a presentation, in the middle, he was asked to stop since what he was presenting, a class eight pupil could beat him at it.

"I was so hurt. I had spent days and nights preparing, but sasa (now) I couldn't vent out to my friends juu kicheko ingekuwa hapo!" he remarked. 

On the other hand, it would be baffling to tell a lady what he had gone through because someone (his boss) bashed him off. 

'where is your masculinity sir' kind of impression that no one wants.

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