'Don't let anyone take you back to darkness and pain,' Kamene

Kamene advised the babes to never allow anyone to take them back to the darkness they once fought and conquered

Kamene Kamene
Image: Instagram

Kamene, on the #BabebyKamene bit, addressed the babes on never letting anyone take them back to the darkness they had to fight and conquer.

Ever had to railroad through something? Then fell back into it?

The urge or thought to even fight back leaves one bone-weary.


Keeping company with the darkness/'demon' you once dreaded becomes an alternative you undisguisedly fondle.

Kamene got about the business of the day by advising, "Baby girl, congratulations for getting yourself this far, not many times do we say it but it's a journey.


Mahali umefika (the place you are at), by the way, whether you are happy with it or not, it's progress."

Round of applause please, for you baby girl

"Let me start off by congratulating you, for where you are today,"

"With that in mind baby girl, don't let anybody take you back to the darkness or the demons you had to fight to get to where you are," She said with emphasis. 

Kamene has also had her own share to scuffle with.

"There is a point in my life where all I felt I was doing was fighting demons

"I was constantly trying to pull myself out of the darkness." She expressed.

  "Look at you here today, you have pulled yourself out of the darkness and fought your demons, ila tu usithubutu  kukubali mtu akurudishe hapo ( only don't allow someone to take you back there).

If you are going to take yourself back, take yourself back in your own regard," she conceded.

" Don't let any person take away the progress you have made to be the woman and the young lady you are today.

Nobody! be it your family, the man in your life, or your boss, look back at how far you have come and say shetani ashindwe (the devil is defeated)," Kamene dispersed the assembly. 


The babes couldn't agree more as they wrote;

MandyMwashumbe:  Kamene I just love you for free. You always speak sense

Queen_min_shan: Yes baby girl say that again

di.ana8410: Thank-you you are talking to ME literally

Tracyasmin: I hear you kamene, thank you for the word of wisdom

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