Maandy-I would be at the Grammy's if i slept with producers

Maandy makes it clear to her haters that she's not sleeping around for hits

A picture of maandy
maandy A picture of maandy
Image: Instagram

Kenyan female artist Maandy has responded to a comment about her sleeping her way to the top of the music industry.

The comment that was posted online went like this;

“Maandykabaya is a perfect example of females who made it in the industry by offering herself to producers if you know what I mean.”


Maandy was not too happy about it so she responded by saying that she is aware of people saying that she slept her way to the top.

“Huko clock app wanasema nagawa mbaya,” she commented.

(I’ve heard people claiming that I have slept around to gain my popularity.)


The ‘relax’ hitmaker continued to say that if she was indeed sleeping with producers she would be at the top of her game.

“If I was to use my body to get ahead, ningekua Grammy's nikipigana na Beyonce , si hapa Ungwaro,”  she stressed.

(If I was to use my body to get ahead, I would have been at the grammies by now, giving Beyonce a run for her money not here in Ungwaro.)

Her fans were enraged at the fact that someone would come for one of their favorite artist and they did not hold their comments back.

Here are what fans had to say of the situation;

muthonidrummerqueen: You're where you are because of your relentless work ethic x consistency x strategic partnerships x your loving God x your loving fans. Fuck a hater! Ashindwe. Na ajifiche juu he isn't ready for everything incredible you're building! #kabaya gang for life!!!

kevin.grands: People will say anything for a couple likes and to generate heat 🤦🏽‍♂️

mbuguaalvin: You have personally worked with me and we delivered siwezi rudi home😂...usitishwe😂😂

_smady_: 😂😂😂naskia ati Ricko amekupitia sana🙌😂

missnatalia254_: SMH 😂😂😂... waambie ni talent unauza they should stop hating 🚮🚮🚮🚮

_o.mondy; Kabaya is Kabaya man! Anyone hating on her ni msee hunyonga na reggae

deejaykboy: Wangejua 😂

allen.unruly: Ni eti hawafiki bei na nadai collabo