Obinna: My kids think my new song is ratchet

Obinna revealed he had to sit down with his kids and explain his Pause music video that is part of his upcoming album and why he shot it

Kiss FM Presenter Oga Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Obinna, the Kiss Fm radio host, over the weekend, released a dance-hall tune titled ‘Pause.’

In an interview with the Kiss Team, Obinna revealed that his kids on seeing the video thought of it as ratchet, and he had to undergo a rigorous process of explaining why he had to do it.

“Daddy we don’t like the pause video, its ratchet,” he reminisced their first reaction to the video as he laughed.


From a disturbed place, the kids could not withhold asking, why they can’t listen to genge songs yet he is making such music and posting them on YouTube.

Obinna being the father he is, he had previously communicated that the kids were not supposed to listen to gengetone songs at all.

They perceived ‘Pause’ as a Genge tone jam.


On inquiring how his fans received the song  Obinna made it clear that he really did not care, he made music for those who wanted to consume it, “I am not big on looking for reactions, because I don’t want your reaction, I don’t need it! If you can’t consume it, it’s okay,” the stand-up comedian said. 

Obinna also added,“ The reactions will determine whether I release the next song or not. However, it’s something I am moving away from as it (the need to read comments) has plagued most creatives.” 

The Kulacooler show host, says going down that road can be de-motivating.

“In the comment section is where you will find insults, people who don’t know the amount of money you spent on the audio and the video and the time it has consumed in the creation process,” he explained.


On what the Pause video recording process was like, Obinna revealed some in depth details like the fact that the video shooting took him a whole afternoon in a studio set up.

As well as on set was he had dance queen, Aggie, who being a new mum, and was on set multitasking; doing what she does best and breastfeeding.

He also revealed that he was dressed by Sauti Sol's stylist.

That guy is expensive,” Obinna highlighted.

The songs he is releasing are part of an album that he is yet to share with the world, a bit of dance-hall, rhumba, and RnB

Y’all ain’t ready.

Obinna is a man who wears a coat of many colors, and anything can be expected of him.

“God gave me talents, and I am putting them to play,” he concluded.

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